Word Games as a great time passer alternative

No wonder, a word game is a good way to connect with new people while saving you from boredom as well. Not only do they test your verbal abilities, but also they are engaging and challenging. Besides, these games benefit your brain in plenty of ways. The best part is that the games help develop more concentration in anything you do. That’s because playing word games requires focus.

These games allow you to activate memory processes for both the long and short-term of your brain usage. Playing a word game frequently can improve memory. Moreover, when the games test your abilities to the maximum, your vocabulary and cognitive function improve. Read on to find out what the 2023 word game apps bring to the table.

There is no shortage of word searches, crosswords, and scrabble boards contained in singular devices. Besides, you can try out several variations of the classic games that are on offer. Certain word game apps are built on similar concepts that create a unique, new experience.


There is no denying that the first option that everyone thinks about when playing mobile games is crossword puzzles. And, there is no harm in it because this is what mobile gaming is all about. In short, it will include everything. Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles is a casual game and one of the best in its class.

However, there needs a bit of explanation because this game is more than what the company says, which is a crossword puzzle game that you can play daily. Besides, you can view ads and buy currencies to play extra puzzles. Moreover, it is easy to play. If you want a word game that you can even play on the go, this game is the best option for you.


You can find a variety of apps such as The Mini & Spelling Bee, The Crossword, etc. on Crossword App. However, the latest addition to this App is the popular Wordle Game that the New York Times acquired in 2021. You can download this app for free. What’s interesting is that the app comes with lots of puzzles for different levels so that you can work on your skills and improve them steadily.

This crossword app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, players can even save their game progress with New York Times free account. That way, the players can start playing the game on devices of their choice from the point they left earlier.


It’s another interesting hybrid mobile game that comes between puzzle and crossword genres. Players have a bunch of letters and clues that are mixed up. You have to arrange several words that connect the pieces of the puzzle. It is fun, simple, and becomes challenging occasionally.

Two puzzle packs along with the starter pack are available free of cost. You can have more puzzles by earning coins from the packs. You can even buy coins through an in-app purchase. This mobile game doesn’t include a subscription plan. Also, it is kid-friendly as well. Although there are no serious complaints about the app, small bug issues can cause discomfort when playing.


This is another popular mobile game from the Zynga franchise. Words with Friends is a word-building social game that allows you to get in touch with your online friends while competing virtually. The game’s format allows you to take turns when you want and wait for your opponent to make their move.

While the previous version of the game was compatible with Facebook and mobile, you can play the latest version only on a mobile. Additionally, the game’s popularity inspired the company to create more titles such as Boggle with Friends, Crossword with Friends, and so on.


Another excellent and simple word game that you can’t afford to miss. You have to assemble 2 words from fourteen letters in this single-player mobile game. The scores show your effort and how well you compete with other players.

This game goes well with Google Play achievements and leaderboard. Apart from the simple user interface, the game is engaging and quick. You can experience the game for a few minutes or many hours. With $1.99, you can remove the ads. Now every word game needs realistic, colorful graphics to become a sensation. This game is not available for iOS devices.