CodyCross Casino Group 275 Puzzle 1 Answers


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CodyCross Casino Answers

Q: Skill Level Or Talent
A: Ability

Q: Light Up Bedtime Buddy Who Was Never Glum
A: Gloworm

Q: Meat Pastry And Hat Type
A: Pork pie

Q: Nationality Of Muppet Chef
A: Swedish


Q: Small Sailing Boat Carried On A War Ship
A: Pinnace

Q: Wool Crafter
A: Knitter

Q: The Ability To Be Quick And Graceful
A: Agility

Q: Misfortune
A: Bad luck

Q: Director Of The Original Ghostbusters
A: Reitman

Q: Hierarchy Order
A: Pecking

Q: Facial Feature That Is Arched
A: Eyebrow

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