CodyCross Futuristic City Group 988 Puzzle 2 Answers

CodyCross Answers Futuristic City


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CodyCross Futuristic City Answers

Q: Collapse Or Failure Of Negotiations
A: Breakdown

Q: He Was UK Prime Minister From 1997 2007
A: Tony blair

Q: Like Formula Involving Squaring
A: Quadratic

Q: Makeup
A: Cosmetics


Q: Milk With The Water Removed Sweetened With Sugar
A: Condensed

Q: Occasionally Intermittently
A: Sometimes

Q: Oscar Winning 2016 Film Directed By Barry Jenkins
A: Moonlight

Q: Pop Superstar Chers Surname
A: Sarkisian

Q: Speed A Pulse Beats Per Minute
A: Heart rate

Q: Tennessee Williams The Glass
A: Menagerie

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