CodyCross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 5 Answers

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CodyCross Inventions Answers

Q: Jumanji Actor Robin
A: Williams

Q: Invention That Became Very Popular In The 1990s
A: Internet

Q: Rowan Mr Bean And Blackadder Actor
A: Atkinson

Q: Savage Fierceness
A: Ferocity

Q: Unauthorized Writing Or Drawing On A Public Place
A: Graffiti

Q: Fist Joints
A: Knuckles

Q: The Black Panther In The Jungle Book
A: Bagheera

Q: Mare Nickname For Henry VIIIs Fourth Wife
A: Flanders

Q: Native American Footwear
A: Moccasin

Q: Likelihood Of A Future Event
A: Prospect

Q: Asymptomatic Means You Dont Have Them
A: Symptoms

Q: Obstructive Action To Hinder A Nations War Effort
A: Sabotage

Q: Driving An 18 Wheeler
A: Trucking

Q: Characterized By A State Of Overpowering Emotion
A: Ecstatic

Q: Released The First Cell Phone In 1983
A: Motorola

Q: Changing Form Or Shape
A: Shifting

Q: Ring It To Let Someone Know Youre There
A: Doorbell

Q: Person Hired To Do Small Jobs Around A Building
A: Handyman

Q: Song Recorded By The Beatles
A: Love me do

Q: Union Army General Noted For His Facial Hair
A: Burnside

Q: A Game Where Rings Are Thrown Around A Peg
A: Ringtoss

Q: Moistness In The Atmosphere
A: Humidity

Q: To Communicate As Information Or News
A: Transmit

Q: Given By Employers Daycare Profit Sharing Etc
A: Benefits

Q: Song Recorded By The Beatles
A: For no one

Q: Illegal Writing Or Painting On A Public Wall
A: Graffiti

Q: Oral Examination At College
A: Viva voce

Q: Transmission That You Manually Shift
A: Standard

Q: In Custody Before Trial
A: On remand

Q: Odins Eight Legged Horse From Norse Folklore
A: Sleipnir

Q: An Edible Snail
A: Escargot

Q: Synthetic Rubber Used For Wet Suits
A: Neoprene

Q: Nobel Prize Winning Author From Mississippi
A: Faulkner

Q: It Stands At 1344 Meters Above The Sea In Scotland
A: Ben nevis

Q: Monkey Movie With Cary Grant
A: Business

Q: Jolie Lara Croft And UN Special Envoy
A: Angelina

Q: In An Intelligent Way
A: Cleverly

Q: George Bush Would Never Order It Beef With
A: Broccoli

Q: US Had Three Wars With This Florida Tribe
A: Seminole

Q: Dew Popular Appalachian Tooth Decaying Drink
A: Mountain

Q: And Tobago Island Nation Of The Commonwealth
A: Trinidad

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