CodyCross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 1 Answers

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CodyCross Inventions Answers

Q: Australasian Parrot With Curved Beak And Crest
A: Cockatoo

Q: Ocean Vegetation
A: Sea grass

Q: Place Where People Are Buried
A: Cemetery

Q: Fancy Way Of Calling Someones Bottom
A: Derrière

Q: 90s TV Show Often Described As Being About Nothing
A: Seinfeld

Q: To Express Your Opinion About Something
A: Critique

Q: Describes An Actor Who Always Plays A Certain Role
A: Typecast

Q: Precious Silvery White Metal
A: Platinum

Q: Until 1980 It Was Called Rhodesia
A: Zimbabwe

Q: Large Font Newspaper Text
A: Headline

Q: Game That Requires A Long Stick With A Netted Pouch
A: Lacrosse

Q: Italian Luxury Car Brand From Bologna
A: Maserati

Q: Syndrome That Provokes Sudden Involuntary Tics
A: Tourette

Q: Delusions Of Unqualified Greatness
A: Grandeur

Q: Straight Non Intersecting Lines
A: Parallel

Q: Jacksons Zombie Inspired Masterpiece
A: Thriller

Q: Term For Murder To Kill Someone
A: Homicide

Q: Mirror Michael Jacksons Reflective Hit
A: Man in the

Q: Hand Held Devices For Cutting Nails
A: Clippers

Q: Nonsensical Short Poem In Five Lines
A: Limerick

Q: Antigen Of A Blood Group System Linked To A Monkey
A: Rh factor

Q: French Cold Egg Sauce With Mustard
A: Gribiche

Q: Helps In The Kitchen
A: Scullion

Q: Oscar Winner Portrayed An Indian Social Reformer
A: Kingsley

Q: The Personification Of Death In Greek Mythology
A: Thanatos

Q: Board Game Involving Diagonal Moves Draughts
A: Checkers

Q: Scenic Note Sent From A Trip Or Holiday
A: Postcard

Q: The Outside Of The Baseball Diamond Not Infield
A: Outfield

Q: Full Of Energy Almost Like A Cartoon
A: Animated

Q: The Hobo Stray TV Dog Who Loves To Wander
A: Littlest

Q: Whales Eat This Tiny Ocean Food Source
A: Plankton

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