CodyCross La Bella Roma Group 410 Puzzle 3 Answers


CodyCross Answers La Bella Roma

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CodyCross La Bella Roma Answers

Q: Hawaiian Volcano The Worlds Most Active
A: Kilauea

Q: Former Berlin Wall Crossing Point Checkpoint
A: Charlie

Q: Behind Home Plate In Baseball
A: Catcher

Q: Presumed Cause Of The Plague Of Athens Fever
A: Typhoid


Q: Act Or Show Off
A: Perform

Q: The Fallen Angel
A: Lucifer

Q: Bathroom Directly Joined To A Bedroom
A: En suite

Q: Air Control Green Light For Flights To Depart
A: Traffic

Q: Not Nice
A: Naughty

Q: Threatening
A: Ominous

Q: Diffidence Timidity
A: Shyness

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