CodyCross La Bella Roma Group 410 Puzzle 5 Answers


CodyCross Answers La Bella Roma

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CodyCross La Bella Roma Answers

Q: Wooden Window Coverings
A: Shutters

Q: The Decade Of Madonna
A: Eighties

Q: Formal Observance Or Celebration
A: Ceremony

Q: Eastern Namibia Desert
A: Kalahari


Q: Only Barely Thinly
A: Narrowly

Q: Adult Male Horse Used For Breeding
A: Stallion

Q: Like A House In Need Of Frequent Costly Repairs
A: Moneypit

Q: Circular Conveyor Of Luggage In An Airport
A: Carousel

Q: Beta Blood Pressure Reducing Medications
A: Blockers

Q: Katniss Of The Hunger Games
A: Everdeen

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