CodyCross Midsize Daily November 25, 2023

CodyCross Midsize Daily Puzzle Answers 25 November, 2023. The complete list of questions that appeared today on codycross midsize daily puzzle is solved and listed below. Above the answers list you can type the question for faster solving.

  • A recruit, someone who has joined the military. ENLISTEE
  • Central European Time, abbreviated. CET
  • Descartes the philosopher. RENE
  • First little piggy’s destination in the rhyme. TO MARKET
  • First two words of Walt Whitman poem about Lincoln. O CAPTAIN
  • Friendly to the environment, sustainable. ECO
  • Ice cream, fruit and granola dessert. PARFAIT
  • Low level, featureless cloud, above ground fog. STRATUS
  • Nancy, teen detective from a series of novels. DREW
  • National Tourism Organization. NTO
  • Not pro; against something. ANTI
  • Nutritional plan for eating. DIET
  • On the __, running from the cops. LAM
  • On the way, in internet speak. OTW
  • Pop, soft drink. SODA
  • Problems, difficulties. ILLS
  • Taters sometimes come in this form. TOT
  • Third Fast and Furious movie: Tokyo __. DRIFT
  • To chop, cut. HEW
  • To start something again or reintroduce it. RELAUNCH
  • Toy similar to Legos produced in Argentina. RASTI
  • Trees that sprout from acorns. OAKS
  • Where Oz’s Wicked Witch comes from. WEST
  • Word before Aviv for Israeli city. TEL

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