CodyCross Midsize Daily October 23, 2023

CodyCross Midsize Daily Puzzle Answers 23 October, 2023. The complete list of questions that appeared today on codycross midsize daily puzzle is solved and listed below. Above the answers list you can type the question for faster solving.

  • 1940s, 50s actress Gardner from Show Boat. AVA
  • 1980s Kids in America singer Wilde. KIM
  • Alternative name for St. Jude, brother of St. James. THADDEUS
  • Carl Jung’s female masculine side. ANIMUS
  • Clues that detectives follow to solve a mystery. LEADS
  • Computer program on a tablet. APP
  • English plural of a title for Italian men. SIGNORS
  • Escape of liquid in soil engineering. SEEPAGE
  • Felines. CATS
  • Genetic information carrier. DNA
  • Oprah Winfrey Show spin-off. DR PHIL
  • Something that veers from the norm. DEVIANT
  • The acronym for US Department of Defense. DOD
  • They speak rhymes instead of singing them. RAPPERS
  • Thrown in victims’ faces by clowns. CREAM PIE
  • World leaders, for short. PMS
  • Yuqi Chen stars in this 2023 martial arts film. SAKRA
  • __ of the d’Urbervilles, in Thomas Hardy novel. TESS

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