CodyCross Planet Earth Group 16 Puzzle 4 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth

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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: Album Of Memories
A: Scrapbook

Q: Analyzing Evaluating Someones Performance
A: Assessing

Q: Brains Ability To Gain Knowledge Understanding
A: Cognition

Q: Bravery In Battle
A: Gallantry

Q: Cereal Grain Ale Called Weiss White Blanche
A: Wheat beer

Q: Code Of Middle Ages Text On The Byzantine Empire
A: Justinian

Q: Decorations Or Baubles Hung On A Christmas Tree
A: Ornaments

Q: Describes A Car With A Hinged Rear Door
A: Hatchback

Q: Exact Copy Machine That Sends A Copy
A: Facsimile

Q: Female Employee Of Playboy Clubs
A: Bunny girl

Q: Instinctive Feeling That Something Is Wrong
A: Intuition

Q: Joining Or Fastening One Thing To Another
A: Attaching

Q: Lively Or Animated In Spirit Or Body
A: Vivacious

Q: Medical Treatment Requiring Hospital Stay
A: Inpatient

Q: Month When Grandparents Day Is Celebrated
A: September

Q: Mouth Organ
A: Harmonica

Q: Natives Of Mogadishu For Example
A: Somalians

Q: Of Mice And Men By John
A: Steinbeck

Q: Reckoner That Tells Times Of High Water Marks
A: Tide table

Q: Sam US Actor Campaigned To Rebuild The Globe
A: Wanamaker

Q: Software Creator
A: Developer

Q: Sweet Filling Of Pies Eaten At Christmas
A: Mincemeat

Q: Swiss Town With Ancient Abbey On Lake Constance
A: Rorschach

Q: The Final David Bowie Album
A: Blackstar

Q: To Rise Rapidly Spacecraft Fashion
A: Skyrocket

Q: US Word For Decorations Hung On A Christmas Tree
A: Ornaments

Q: Underground Tunnels Forming A Cemetery
A: Catacombs

Q: What Candidates In The US Must Go Through
A: Campaigns

Q: Writing Surface Used By Students At Hogwarts
A: Parchment

Q: 2 2016 Ben Stiller Movie
A: Zoolander

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