CodyCross Planet Earth Group 17 Puzzle 3 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth

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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: A Curse An Evil Eye
A: Whammy

Q: A Tax On Imports Or Exports
A: Tariff

Q: Amount Of A Medicine To Take
A: Dosage

Q: Austrias Capital City And Economic Center
A: Vienna

Q: Brooms Made Of Twigs
A: Besoms

Q: Cartoon Sailor Who Is Strong Thanks To Spinach
A: Popeye

Q: Item Used To Attach Pieces Of Clothing Together
A: Button

Q: Johnny Late Night Legend Succeeded By Jay Leno
A: Carson

Q: Long Nosed But Not Pinocchio
A: Cyrano

Q: Mamas The Papas Least Favorite Day Of The Week
A: Monday

Q: Mamas The Papas Worst Day Of The Week
A: Monday

Q: Moon Hares Ornaments Of Sky Searching Animals
A: Gazing

Q: Not Delayed
A: On time

Q: Not Small Not Large
A: Medium

Q: Plot And Plan
A: Scheme

Q: Pool Activity
A: Diving

Q: Simpsons Less Than Reputable Clown
A: Krusty

Q: Slowly Raise Temperature By Adding Hot Liquid
A: Temper

Q: Small Dish For Cups Flying Alien Transport
A: Saucer

Q: Small Piece Of Food
A: Morsel

Q: Suppose Something To Be True Without Proof
A: Assume

Q: The Capital Of Mozambique
A: Maputo

Q: The First One In The US Took Place In August 1790
A: Census

Q: This Type Of Dragon Is Actually A Giant Lizard
A: Komodo

Q: To Bring Down To A Smaller Size Number Etc
A: Reduce

Q: Vertebrae Also Known As Tailbone
A: Coccyx

Q: World Famous Doll Criticized For Its Body Shape
A: Barbie

Q: World Famous Doll With Ken As Her Other Half
A: Barbie

Q: Youre An Actor If You Tread The
A: Boards

Q: Smith 3 Time Superbowl Running Back Cowboys
A: Emmitt

Q: Tomei My Cousin Vinny Actress
A: Marisa

Q: Fruits Such As Oranges Are High In Vitamin C
A: Citrus

Q: Spoon Race A Childrens Balancing Party Game
A: Egg and

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