CodyCross Planet Earth Group 18 Puzzle 2 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth


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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: A Comparison Similarity
A: Analogy

Q: A Person With The Inability To Feel Touch
A: Anaptic

Q: A Trip From One Place To Another
A: Journey

Q: Age Of Series Of History Based Strategy Games
A: Empires

Q: Animal Or Creature That Strikes Fear
A: Monster

Q: Baltic Nation Finlands Southern Neighbor
A: Estonia

Q: Coastal Algae Such As Bladderwrack
A: Seaweed

Q: Cocker Pamper
A: Indulge

Q: Cocks Have Crests Bulls Horns And Deer
A: Antlers

Q: Comfy Bed Covering Carried Around For Comfort
A: Blanket

Q: Comic Actress Who Was Part Of The SNL Cast
A: Tina fey

Q: Completely
A: Utterly

Q: Converted Into Encrypted Form
A: Encoded

Q: Edible Fish Or Shellfish From The Ocean
A: Seafood

Q: Get Hold Of Something And Make It Your Own
A: Acquire

Q: Gloria Biggest Star Of The Silent Movie Era
A: Swanson


Q: Googles Linux Based Operating System
A: Android

Q: Insurance Risk Manager
A: Actuary

Q: Intestinal Infection From Insanitary Conditions
A: Cholera

Q: Man Who Guards A Nightclub Door
A: Bouncer

Q: May Torture Your Feet
A: Verruca

Q: Not A Synonym
A: Antonym

Q: Pirate Known As The Prince Of Pirates
A: Bellamy

Q: Red Badge Of Civil War Novel By Stephen Crane
A: Courage

Q: Short Curtain Piece Hung On Edge Of Canopies
A: Valance

Q: Shrubbery Grown In Lines To Outline A Garden
A: Hedging

Q: Sociable Genial Friendly
A: Affable

Q: Steadfast Tin Fellow Loves A Paper Ballerina
A: Soldier

Q: Temporary Problems
A: Hitches

Q: Three Boneheads Slapstick Legends
A: Stooges

Q: Types Includes Swedish Shiatsu And Deep Tissue
A: Massage

Q: Venue Used For Outdoor Sports
A: Stadium

Q: Weapon Shell Launched And Guided To Target
A: Missile

Q: William Bible Translator Burned At The Stake
A: Tyndale

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