CodyCross Planet Earth Group 20 Puzzle 1 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth


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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: A Negligible Amount Of Money
A: Peanuts

Q: Architectural Pillars From The Hellenistic Age
A: Columns

Q: Area Usually Covered Or Under Water
A: Flooded

Q: Bilbo Frodo And Samwise
A: Hobbits

Q: Coin Operated Games Are Found In These Places
A: Arcades

Q: Cord For Securing Something Around The Neck
A: Lanyard

Q: Current Royal House Of The UK House Of
A: Windsor

Q: Determining Battle Ground State Of 2000 US Election
A: Florida

Q: Fake Treatment For A Medical Issue
A: Placebo

Q: Greek King Of Ithaca Also Called Odysseus
A: Ulysses

Q: Harmless Pill Used For Psychological Effect
A: Placebo

Q: House Or Building That Is Occupied By Spirits
A: Haunted

Q: In Autumn The Days Start To Get
A: Shorter

Q: Large Tropical Flying Grasshoppers
A: Locusts


Q: Marked With Bluish Blemishes After An Injury
A: Bruised

Q: Mexican Bordertown 20 Miles From San Diego
A: Tijuana

Q: Mission To Study The Outer Solar System
A: Voyager

Q: Movie Starring Dustin Hoffman Dressed As A Woman
A: Tootsie

Q: Oral Health Toothpaste Brand
A: Colgate

Q: Program Used To Study The Outer Solar System
A: Voyager

Q: Retain Basic Contents By Omitting Details
A: Abridge

Q: Row Of Icons On A Computer Screen
A: Toolbar

Q: Sailing Ship Used On The Voyages Of Discovery
A: Carrack

Q: Situated Away From An Axis
A: Abaxial

Q: Small Breed Native To Asia Good Companion Dog
A: Shihtzu

Q: Something Extremely Unusual Or Unexpected
A: Bizarre

Q: Sovereign Country Was Russias Breadbasket
A: Ukraine

Q: Sweet A Teenagers Coming Of Age Party
A: Sixteen

Q: The US In Spanish Los Unidos
A: Estados

Q: The White Of An Egg
A: Albumen

Q: Understanding Of Someones Feelings Thoughts
A: Empathy

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