CodyCross Planet Earth Group 3 Puzzle 3 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth


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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: A Golfers Assistant Who Carries Their Gear
A: Caddie

Q: British Rock Band Established In 1964
A: The who

Q: Capital And Largest City Of Mali
A: Bamako

Q: Chinese Zodiac Sign For Births In 1964 1976 1988
A: Dragon

Q: Deadpool Villain MMA Strikeforce Fighter Gina
A: Carano

Q: Every Time Every Occasion No Exceptions
A: Always

Q: Extremely Dirty Or Muddy
A: Filthy

Q: Five Discount Aka Stealing
A: Finger

Q: Funerary Figurine Used In Ancient Egypt
A: Shabti

Q: High School Football Favorite Tune Hang On
A: Sloopy

Q: Important Jobs You Run To Do
A: Errand

Q: Intelligent Primate Found In Africa And Arabia
A: Baboon

Q: John Monty Python Co Founder
A: Cleese

Q: Justin Who Told An Ex To Love Yourself
A: Bieber

Q: Lack Of Concern
A: Apathy

Q: Large Physical Body In Space We Live On One
A: Planet


Q: Largest City In The Republic Of Ireland
A: Dublin

Q: Last Name Of Two US States
A: Dakota

Q: Lee Harvey Kennedys Killer Killed Soon After
A: Oswald

Q: Little Red Hood A French Fairy Tale
A: Riding

Q: Metallic Element Used For Magnetic Alloys
A: Cobalt

Q: Name Of Britains Withdrawal From The EU In 2016
A: Brexit

Q: Nutmeg Saffron And Turmeric
A: Spices

Q: Scary
A: Creepy

Q: Snoopys Breed
A: Beagle

Q: Soldier Trained In Armed Combat To Serve A King
A: Knight

Q: System That Removes Impurities From Water
A: Filter

Q: Take Away Strip Eg Of A Religious Robe
A: Divest

Q: The Curious Case Of Benjamin
A: Button

Q: Thin Hollow Drinking Tubes For Model Making
A: Straws

Q: This Plane Is A Dimension That Isnt In This World
A: Astral

Q: Tiny Islands
A: Islets

Q: To Alter Something Slightly In Order To Improve It
A: Adjust

Q: To Demand Something Firmly
A: Insist

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