CodyCross Planet Earth Group 4 Puzzle 5 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth


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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: 10 Cloverfield Lane A 2016 Movie With John
A: Goodman

Q: An English Settler Who Arrived On The Mayflower
A: Pilgrim

Q: Ancient Wind Instrument Shaped Like An Egg
A: Ocarina

Q: April Occurrences That Bring May Flowers
A: Showers

Q: Bottom Edge Of A Skirt
A: Hemline

Q: Breastbone Connecting To The Ribs
A: Sternum

Q: Buttery Danish Cheese Used In Sandwiches
A: Havarti

Q: Casting Your Line To Wait For The Catch Of The Day
A: Fishing

Q: Child Legally Brought Into A Family
A: Adopted

Q: Distinctive Horse Breed From The Middle East
A: Arabian

Q: It Means Palace In Italian
A: Palazzo

Q: Lights That Flash In An Emergency Situation
A: Hazards

Q: Line That Splits The Earth Between The Two Poles
A: Equator

Q: Long Period Without Rainfall
A: Drought

Q: May Brings Flowers But April Brings These
A: Showers

Q: Monarch Of Ancient Egypt
A: Pharaoh

Q: Mozilla Internet Browser
A: Firefox


Q: Music Style Popularized By Harry Belafonte
A: Calypso

Q: Mythical Winged Horse
A: Pegasus

Q: Narrator Of The Outsiders
A: Ponyboy

Q: Never Ending Without End
A: Eternal

Q: Nori Sheets Are Made Out Of This
A: Seaweed

Q: Penny Mean Person Who Wont Spend Money
A: Pincher

Q: Place For The Display Or Sale Of Works Of Art
A: Gallery

Q: Power Tool With Rotating Blade
A: Buzzsaw

Q: Risk Taken In Business In Hope Of Reward
A: Venture

Q: Roald Dahls Book About A Misunderstood Schoolgirl
A: Matilda

Q: Russian Friend
A: Comrade

Q: Shrinking Or Wasting Away Of An Internal Organ
A: Atrophy

Q: Six Companions Coffee Shop And Catchy Theme Tune
A: Friends

Q: They Are Your Family Not Related By Blood
A: Friends

Q: To Perform Surgery On A Patient
A: Operate

Q: To Watch Kids
A: Babysit

Q: Two Words Said When A Rocket Launches
A: Lift off

Q: Vitality And Glamour Combined
A: Pizzazz

Q: DAngelo American History X Vacation Actress
A: Beverly

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