CodyCross Planet Earth Group 6 Puzzle 1 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth


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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: A Converter Reduces The Toxicity Of Emissions
A: Catalytic

Q: A Billionaire Engineer Who Became A Superhero
A: Tony stark

Q: A Humorous Name For A Model T Ford
A: Tin lizzie

Q: A Large Geographic Area
A: Territory

Q: A Musket Should Not Be Used To Kill It
A: Butterfly

Q: Burying Enshrining
A: Entombing

Q: Controversial English Poet Of The 19th Century
A: Lord byron

Q: Empires Headquarters Built And Destroyed Twice
A: Death star

Q: Expressionless Blank Numb Deadpan Impassive
A: Catatonic

Q: Extra Revenue Minus Costs Eg Not Gross Earnings
A: Net profit

Q: French Writer And Activist Who Saved Alfred Dreyfus
A: Emile zola

Q: Galaxy Named After A Greek Princess
A: Andromeda


Q: Heavily Disputed Holy City Of Three Religions
A: Jerusalem

Q: Innocent Victim Of Othellos Jealous Rage
A: Desdemona

Q: Institution For The Destitute In Victorian Times
A: Workhouse

Q: Jamaica Competed In This 1988 Winter Olympic Sport
A: Bobsleigh

Q: Lefty US Golfer Phil
A: Mickelson

Q: Linda Celeb UK Photographer And Pauls Wife
A: Mccartney

Q: Outstanding Actions
A: Prowesses

Q: Precious Minerals That Are Used In Jewelry
A: Gemstones

Q: Result From Scraping The Skin Of A Yellow Citrus
A: Lemon zest

Q: Social Media Made With Photos Of Users
A: Instagram

Q: Someone Who Travels Or Stays With You
A: Companion

Q: Surname Of The Emperor Napoleon
A: Bonaparte

Q: The Didgeridoo Comes From This Country
A: Australia

Q: The Fourth One Was DArtagnan
A: Musketeer

Q: Hawaii Elvis Concert Beamed Around The World
A: Aloha from

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