CodyCross Planet Earth Group 8 Puzzle 4 Answers

CodyCross Answers Planet Earth

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CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Q: A Person Who Studies The Earth And Rocks
A: Geologist

Q: An Advancement In Your Job
A: Promotion

Q: Another Name For Chanterelles
A: Mushrooms

Q: Country Made Of 17000 Islands Capital Jakarta
A: Indonesia

Q: Densely Populated Seaport City In Western Canada
A: Vancouver

Q: Digs Out Earth With A Backhoe
A: Excavates

Q: Exciting Arousing
A: Thrilling

Q: Fire Preventing Fabric
A: Retardant

Q: First Name Of SquarePants
A: Spongebob

Q: Great Lakes State Known As Americas Dairyland
A: Wisconsin

Q: Horny Growth On Skin
A: Keratosis

Q: Hotel Rooms Sharing A Door
A: Adjoining

Q: Language Planned To Become World Language
A: Esperanto

Q: Large Pasta Tubes That Are Stuffed And Baked
A: Manicotti

Q: Mountain Range With 10 Of The Worlds Highest Peaks
A: Himalayas

Q: Mr Squarepants First Name
A: Spongebob

Q: OCD Compulsive Disorder
A: Obsessive

Q: One Of A Cars Main Illuminators
A: Headlight

Q: Panniers Useful For Cyclists
A: Saddlebag

Q: Part Of Song From The Little Mermaid
A: Your world

Q: Political Crisis In All The Presidents Men
A: Watergate

Q: TV Show Spin Off On The Vampire Diaries
A: Originals

Q: Tallest Active Geyser Yellowstone National Park
A: Steamboat

Q: The People Jonah Refused To Preach To
A: Ninevites

Q: The Study Of The Universe
A: Cosmology

Q: This Container Has Been Spiked In Many Movies
A: Punch bowl

Q: Type Of Legislative Body With Two Branches
A: Bicameral

Q: What Secretive Families Hide In Their Closet
A: Skeletons

Q: William S Author Of The Beat Generation
A: Burroughs

Q: William The Winner Of Battle Of Hastings 1066
A: Conqueror

Q: Mac Band With Stevie Nicks As The Lead
A: Fleetwood

Q: Cats Are Known For Their Less Than Lengthy Fur
A: Shorthair

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