CodyCross Small Daily January 3, 2024

CodyCross Small Daily Puzzle Answers 3 January, 2024. The complete list of questions that appeared today on codycross mini daily puzzle is solved and listed below. Above the answers list you can type the question for faster solving.

  • A boyfriend or male admirer (from French). BEAU
  • Acronym for parts per million. PPM
  • An action word. VERB
  • Chemical formula for chlorine fluoride. CLF
  • Finish something with great haste. ASAP
  • Make music with the mouth closed. HUM
  • Power actor Loren. LELA
  • Subway – Eat __. FRESH
  • US pharmacy chain with red heart logo. CVS
  • What most people do when they go to bed at night. SLEEP

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