CodyCross Small Daily July 27, 2023

CodyCross Small Daily Puzzle Answers 27 July, 2023. The complete list of questions that appeared today on codycross mini daily puzzle is solved and listed below. Above the answers list you can type the question for faster solving.

  • “Scheduled time of arrival” as an initialism. STA
  • Automobile. CAR
  • Indentation mark used to keep score. NOTCH
  • Japanese method of searing meat over a hot flame. TATAKI
  • Liquor used to make a Rob Roy. SCOTCH
  • Naomi who plays Whitney Houston. ACKIE
  • Say this twice for a laughter sound. HEE
  • Small belching sound made after drinking. HIC
  • The 49th US __ is nicknamed “the Last Frontier”. STATE
  • The smallest ocean. ARCTIC
  • US national intelligence agency. NSA

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