CodyCross Small Daily September 23, 2023

CodyCross Small Daily Puzzle Answers 23 September, 2023. The complete list of questions that appeared today on codycross mini daily puzzle is solved and listed below. Above the answers list you can type the question for faster solving.

  • All-inclusive resort company, Club __. MED
  • Bob, reggae star who sang No Woman, No Cry. MARLEY
  • German word for two. ZWEI
  • Identical, matching. SAME
  • Like a plant covered in morning moisture. DEWY
  • Mr. Mendes, singer of Stitches. SHAWN
  • Sent a ball flying. THREW
  • Short for the big apple, city that never sleeps. NYC
  • Substance that causes vomiting. EMETIC
  • Tabloid news website with celeb gossip. TMZ
  • Taste associated with grain used in brewing. MALTY

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