CodyCross Under the sea Group 23 Puzzle 2 Answers

CodyCross Answers Under the sea

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CodyCross Under the sea Answers

Q: Singer Song Writer Of Candle In The Wind
A: Elton john

Q: Nickname Of New Zealands Rugby Team
A: All blacks

Q: Maybe An Old Gingerbread Man Walks With One
A: Candy cane

Q: Fashion Modal Replica Displayed In A Store Window
A: Mannequin

Q: Similar To Squeezed Lemon
A: Lime juice

Q: Cooking Vessel Used For Preparing Cheesy Meal
A: Fondue pot

Q: A Gene Such As For Blue Rather Than Brown Eyes
A: Recessive

Q: Government Where A Few People Have All The Power
A: Oligarchy

Q: Unrefined Unprocessed Consumables
A: Whole food

Q: Yellow Citrus Spread For Bread
A: Lemon curd

Q: Remedy That Relieves Pain
A: Analgesic

Q: Person Responsible For Where To Go On Boat
A: Navigator

Q: Ability To Play A Musical Piece Previously Unseen
A: Sight read

Q: Academic Degree Awarded By Universities
A: Doctorate

Q: Dog From The Underworld From Worldwide Mythology
A: Hellhound

Q: Fan Worms Strain Water Through Their
A: Tentacles

Q: The Spanish Painter Of Las Meninas
A: Velazquez

Q: Not Made Up Of Cells Or Complete Cells
A: Acellular

Q: One Of The Houses In The War Of The Roses
A: Lancaster

Q: Carmelites Spanish Monastic Community
A: Discalced

Q: Italian Sweet Bread Loaf Made For Christmas
A: Panettone

Q: A Run Down Hotel
A: Flophouse

Q: Greatest Film Director In Bergmans Opinion
A: Tarkovsky

Q: Large Prized Crab From Western US
A: Dungeness

Q: A Gene That Is Not Dominant Such As Blue Eyes
A: Recessive

Q: Singer And Songwriter Of Candle In The Wind
A: Elton john

Q: The Limbs Of An Octopus
A: Tentacles

Q: Used To Display An Outfit
A: Mannequin

Q: Coffee Shops With Mermaid Logo
A: Starbucks

Q: A Cloth Band That Covers The Eyes During Party Games
A: Blindfold

Q: Home Of Nasi Goreng Capital Jakarta
A: Indonesia

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