CodyCross Under the sea Group 36 Puzzle 3 Answers

CodyCross Answers Under the sea

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CodyCross Under the sea Answers

Q: Constitution Character Complexion Personality
A: Nature

Q: Sufficient Amount For The Purpose Needed
A: Enough

Q: Bowlers First Goal All Ten Pins In One Roll
A: Strike

Q: Shrunken Cucumber With A Sour Taste
A: Pickle

Q: Particular Abilities Expertise
A: Skills

Q: Professional Whose Fingers Travel 126 Miles A Day
A: Typist

Q: Related To The Smallest Component Of An Element
A: Atomic

Q: Arabic Title Elder Of A Tribe
A: Sheikh

Q: Easing Of Pain Distress Or Worry
A: Relief

Q: The Cure Found Romance On This Weekday
A: Friday

Q: Clear Space Around Printed Words
A: Margin

Q: Ground Chickpea Spread
A: Hummus

Q: Being Voracious Or Materialistic For Wealth Power
A: Greedy

Q: Between First And Third
A: Second

Q: Apple Makes The IPad And Mac Computers
A: Iphone

Q: Egypts Official Language
A: Arabic

Q: Strikes Protests Staged By Jailed Suffragettes
A: Hunger

Q: Crowded Taiwanese Headquarters
A: Taipei

Q: Something Expensive High Priced Lavish
A: Costly

Q: George A Director Of Night Of The Living Dead
A: Romero

Q: Large White Dog Breed Native To Turkey
A: Akbash

Q: Lily Livered Fearful
A: Craven

Q: Haley Joel Actor In The Sixth Sense And Sex Ed
A: Osment

Q: Wooden Statue Of A Greek Deity
A: Xoanon

Q: A Boat Carrying Passengers To A Larger Ship
A: Tender

Q: Demonophobia Is The Fear Of Evil
A: Demons

Q: Double Breasted Jacket Worn By Sailors
A: Reefer

Q: Slid On A Rink
A: Skated

Q: Fruit That Kirsch Is Made From
A: Cherry

Q: Play By Shakespeare The Of The Shrew
A: Taming

Q: Mouse Disneys Iconic Rodent
A: Mickey

Q: Rip Van Farmer Who Went To Sleep For 20 Years
A: Winkle

Q: Long Running TV Series About A Collie
A: Lassie

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