CodyCross Under the sea Group 38 Puzzle 4 Answers

CodyCross Answers Under the sea

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CodyCross Under the sea Answers

Q: Quarter Of The Circumference Of A Circle
A: Quadrant

Q: Surprise Amaze
A: Astonish

Q: Snail Delicacy
A: Escargot

Q: The Act Of Cooking In Simmering Liquid
A: Poaching

Q: Metal Fencing With Sharp Projections
A: Barbwire

Q: Online Delivery By Boat
A: Shipping

Q: Trendy Phrase
A: Buzzword

Q: Yellow Fish Friend Of Ariel In Little Mermaid
A: Flounder

Q: Sir And One Of The Knights Of The Round Table
A: Lancelot

Q: Series Of Games To Determine A Championship
A: Playoffs

Q: Irans Ayatollah Leader Of The 1979 Revolution
A: Khomeini

Q: Below Your Hair Above Your Eyes
A: Forehead

Q: Runs With Quick Light Steps
A: Scampers

Q: Christmas Season House To House Singing
A: Caroling

Q: HBOs Mafia Series With Gandolfini
A: Sopranos

Q: Device For Cutting Down Garden Plants
A: Strimmer

Q: Anagram Of Oriental
A: Relation

Q: San Francisco Transport
A: Cable car

Q: Zone Of Sea Water From 0 To 1200 Feet
A: Euphotic

Q: Intertwined Sticks Hold Up Marbles In This Game
A: Kerplunk

Q: Max False Identity Used To Deposit Stolen Gold
A: Heiliger

Q: Lighthearted Fun Social News Website
A: Buzzfeed

Q: Remnants
A: Oddments

Q: Free Exaggerated And Highly Energetic Street Dance
A: Krumping

Q: Word Seen Same When Upside Down Like Swims
A: Ambigram

Q: Part Of The Head Below The Hairline Above The Brows
A: Forehead

Q: Solar Design Motif Of The Art Deco Age
A: Sunburst

Q: Very Strong Coffee In A Small Cup
A: Espresso

Q: Water Based Sport Backstroke Freestyle
A: Swimming

Q: Crushed A Piece Of Paper
A: Crumpled

Q: Toenail Beautification
A: Pedicure

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