CodyCross Under the sea Group 39 Puzzle 1 Answers

CodyCross Answers Under the sea

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CodyCross Under the sea Answers

Q: Cross Between A Ukulele And A Banjo
A: Banjolele

Q: In The Night Sinatra 1967 Grammy Winner
A: Strangers

Q: Hotel New Irving Novel Of An Eccentric Family
A: Hampshire

Q: Good Someone Who Helps Another Person
A: Samaritan

Q: Husband And Singing Partner Of Cher
A: Sonny bono

Q: Wrote A Diary About The Time She Spent Hiding
A: Anne frank

Q: A Countrys Edge Along The Sea
A: Coastline

Q: Produced Created
A: Generated

Q: Inflicting A Penalty Or Consequence On Someone
A: Punishing

Q: Rug Mat Made From Ovine Fur
A: Sheepskin

Q: Day With The Fewest Hours Of Daylight
A: Midwinter

Q: Said To A Child Who Has Fallen Over
A: Upsy daisy

Q: Hidden
A: Concealed

Q: Head Of State Or The Leader Of Vatican City
A: Sovereign

Q: Protects The Body Against Infectious Diseases
A: White cell

Q: Human Department Aka Human Capital
A: Resources

Q: Won The 73rd Academy Award For Best Movie
A: Gladiator

Q: Glittery Mirrored Sphere For Dance Parties
A: Disco ball

Q: Winter Sport Dogs Horses Or A Motor Vehicle Pull
A: Skij├Âring

Q: Sick From Overeating Or Drinking Hangover
A: Crapulent

Q: Attachment To A Helmet To Stop It From Falling Off
A: Chinstrap

Q: Psychological Evaluation Method Involving Inkblots
A: Rorschach

Q: German Waterway Flows Through Essen And Dortmund
A: River ruhr

Q: Manipulation Is Heavenly Influence
A: Celestial

Q: Rough And Inharmonious Sounds Especially In Music
A: Cacophony

Q: Champagne Of Choice Of Patsy And Edina
A: Bollinger

Q: Agnes Actress Of Bewitched
A: Moorehead

Q: Continual Going On Forever Indefinitely
A: Perpetual

Q: Blood Condition Also Known As Sepsis
A: Poisoning

Q: What Is Left Behind After A Tree Has Been Cut Down
A: Tree stump

Q: Kristen Bell And Ted Dansons Hellish TV Show
A: Good place

Q: Strengthens Reinforces
A: Fortifies

Q: Funny People Earn A Living Telling Jokes
A: Comedians

Q: A Common Weed With Bright Yellow Flowers
A: Dandelion

Q: Irish City And County Known For Crystal Glass
A: Waterford

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