CodyCross Under the sea Group 39 Puzzle 3 Answers

CodyCross Answers Under the sea

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CodyCross Under the sea Answers

Q: Small Community In The Countryside
A: Village

Q: Law Enforcement Officer Leader Elected
A: Sheriff

Q: Extended Mass Of Ice Covering A Large Area
A: Glacier

Q: One Who Actually Saw Something Happen
A: Witness

Q: Common Surname To Two American Presidents
A: Johnson

Q: Base Of An Argument Or Theory
A: Premise

Q: A Large Vessel Used To Carry Warriors
A: Warship

Q: Stanley Director Of The Shining
A: Kubrick

Q: Sports Arena With Tiers Of Seats For Spectators
A: Stadium

Q: Gathering Around The Ball In Rugby
A: Rucking

Q: Flaky Mid East Pastry With Ground Nuts And Honey
A: Baklava

Q: Set Of Papers Documents Sometimes Dodgy
A: Dossier

Q: Arcade Fire Album Or Service For The Dead
A: Funeral

Q: Constellation Named After A Mythical Winged Horse
A: Pegasus

Q: Blue Veined Cheese From The English Midlands
A: Stilton

Q: The Antonym Of Success
A: Failure

Q: Company That Provides Food Drink At Events
A: Caterer

Q: Another Name For Starfish
A: Seastar

Q: Controversial Drug To Control ADHD In Children
A: Ritalin

Q: Theyre Usually In Distress
A: Damsels

Q: Castoff With Hagar In The Desert
A: Ishmael

Q: Kerr Star Of The King And I
A: Deborah

Q: The Capital Of Cyprus
A: Nicosia

Q: Pong Like Video Game Console Sold 1 Million Units
A: Telstar

Q: The Final Step To Becoming A Practicing Lawyer
A: Bar exam

Q: Type Of Romantic Love Originated From Geoffrey Chaucer
A: Courtly

Q: Ukrainian Stringed Lute Type Instrument
A: Bandura

Q: Henri De Toulouse French Artist
A: Lautrec

Q: Origami Is The Art Of Paper
A: Folding

Q: Digs Up A Body
A: Exhumes

Q: Discussions Sometimes Heated
A: Debates

Q: Ancient Race Of Giants With Single Eye On Forehead
A: Cyclops

Q: Gil Who Was The Crime Lab Boss In Original CSI
A: Grissom

Q: Words Spoken In Respect Of The Deceased
A: Tribute

Q: C In Roman Numerals
A: Hundred

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