CodyCross Under the sea Group 40 Puzzle 5 Answers

CodyCross Answers Under the sea

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CodyCross Under the sea Answers

Q: They Eat Just About Anything
A: Omnivores

Q: Anti Drugs To Help Control Blood Sugar
A: Diabetics

Q: Idiomatic Expression Regarding Oceans
A: Seven seas

Q: A Person Who Gives Information On TV Or Radio
A: Announcer

Q: More Than Enough Too Much
A: Excessive

Q: Marine Transparent And With Stinging Tentacles
A: Jellyfish

Q: A Hit By The Beatles
A: Oh darling

Q: North Korean Capital And Largest City
A: Pyongyang

Q: A Three Dimensional Work Of Art
A: Sculpture

Q: Street Vehicle That Sells Meals
A: Food truck

Q: Prehistoric Giants
A: Dinosaurs

Q: Tight Trouser Style For Rockers
A: Drainpipe

Q: Fitted A Horse With Its Straps
A: Harnessed

Q: Country With Large Oil Reserves Ruled By Maduro
A: Venezuela

Q: Wrote One Of The Great American Novels
A: Mark twain

Q: Conflict In Which Dr John Watson Fought
A: Afghan war

Q: Leviathan Is A Monster From The Old
A: Testament

Q: Used In Everything From Toys To Remote Controls
A: Batteries

Q: Curing And Stuffing Animals
A: Taxidermy

Q: World Famous Jazz Age Flapper US Cartoon From 1930s
A: Betty boop

Q: Armpit Perfume Fights Body Odor
A: Deodorant

Q: NASA Mission Sent To Photograph Mercury
A: Messenger

Q: Formal Agreement To Stop Fighting
A: Armistice

Q: Pain In The Hands And Feet Only
A: Acrodynia

Q: Street Food Vehicle
A: Food truck

Q: Economic System Where Power Is In The Hands Of Few
A: Oligopoly

Q: A High Brow Word For Whiskers
A: Vibrissae

Q: A Woody Allen Film Starring Diane Keaton
A: Manhattan

Q: Person Object The Name Of Which You Cant Remember
A: Thingummy

Q: This Device Joins Two Pieces Of Metal Together
A: Crimp tool

Q: They Provide Energy To Toys And Remote Controls
A: Batteries

Q: Nasal Blood Flow
A: Nosebleed

Q: Heavyweight Boxer With Iron Nickname
A: Mike tyson

Q: Sweet Tropical Fruit Very Hard Skin Yellow Flesh
A: Pineapple

Q: San Musical Drama About Earthquake
A: Francisco

Q: US University In Indiana French Name
A: Notre dame

Q: How High Something Is Above Sea Level
A: Elevation

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