Did you know there is A Jigsaw ASMR Game

There is a new jigsaw puzzle game on Nintendo Switch and this newest one is a game from QUByte Interactive game studio and they have decided to go for a different approach this time.

The new game is called ASMR Journey and it is an Animated Jigsaw Puzzle which blends in jigsaw gameplay in a relaxing manner with ASMR. If you are someone who spends their nights immersing into deep world of Youtube ASMR videosĀ  ( aka Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ), and you get a relaxing feeling that you are listening to a carefully composed brain relaxing music then you are going to like this game.

The result of such combination of sounds and imagery is that it gets you to sit down to complete these puzzles while enjoying truly peaceful and mesmerizing environments combined with a deep soundtrack and ambient sounds to help you unwind your senses and relax.

The game developers describe the game as follows:

“ASMR Journey game is a jigsaw puzzle which takes you to a deep state of relaxation and accompanies you to visit the magical and fantastic environments with a peaceful music. it has different levels of difficulty on it’s puzzles and the magic stories will keep you even more engaged.”

If you are not into these ASMR type of puzzles you can check and play an easier type of game puzzle such as Wordscapes.