Top Five Android Puzzle Games August 2020

When you are in the mood to play a new puzzle game on your mobile phone the options can be many. From easy to Head Scratching games. Both android and IOS offer pretty much same game titles as most developers develop for both smartphone platforms.

This is particularly true when it comes to puzzle games. Which have exploded in popularity in the last few years as they are a very good option to crack a challenging puzzle while you are on the train, waiting on the airport, ad breaks etc.

In this article we will list the top five android word puzzle games for you to play when you get bored or feel adventurous and want a puzzle challenge.
1. Pictoword

There are word games that have the ability to play them while accompanying them with pictures. If this type of game appeals to you. This unique word game challenges and tests your word finding skills with a nice game layout. When Playing Pictoword you will have to see two pictures which combine together to create a word that is the solution of the level/puzzle.
For example one photo might be e car and another might be a mountain.
Fill in the letters being guided by the number of letters the solution has (empty letter boxes).

Pictoword offers quests for you to complete for extra game goodies, so be sure to check for new ones often. You can also join the daily challenges and earn coins. Then, use those coins to obtain hints that remove or reveal letters or let you skip the puzzle. Pictoword is a great combination of picture and word game. The game offers you extra challenges or quests to complete and gain coins or other bonuses. So check them often. The daily puzzles are another way to earn coin, you can participate in Daily Puzzle Challenges. The coins are useful and can be used to get hints that give a clue or reveal a letter in cases when you can’t figure it out. Use sparingly to not run out of coins for the really difficult puzzles.

2. Word Whizzle Search

This word game is a little trickier in that you can only connect letters in straight lines. But, you can use letters more than once. The better you do, the further you progress, and the harder the game gets. For fans of word games, WordWhizzle Search provides a terrific challenge.

Word Whizzle Search is a game with shares some similarities with the popular Word Cookies game by BitMango, it contains a greater number of levels which amount to over 3,000 ad the time of writing this article.You have to spot and hunt for words based on the theme you see displayed on top of the screen. You can swipe left right top bottom or diagonally to create and spot words that match the theme and fit in with the length of the spots you will become Word Whizzle Professor by becoming a word search expert and tackle every word puzzle challenge that you face.
Be warned that this game is a bit more tricky in the sense that you can only connect letters in linear lines, but fear not you can also use one letter more than once.

3. BoldMoves

A brand new puzzle game that challenges you to solve captivating puzzles and unlock hundreds of quotes that you can share with your friends. If you pretend to be a word game master see how far you can go with this challenging game considered one of Oprah’s favourite games.

This word matching puzzle manages to bring in a new unique play style. You can swipe the tiles and make matches of 3 or more. Your goal however is to match the tiles with letters and release them back into the puzzle. The puzzle is displayed above and has many inspirational quotes for an extra touch.

4. Word Crush

Word Crush is a relatively new puzzle game which consists of more than 3500 levels according to the latest update.

This letter connecting word forming game has a balanced challenge that can be easy yet very challenging at times.You are presented with letters that you can create words from if you take the theme into consideration. The new thing in this game is that when you swipe through letters and form new words the remaining letters fall, this is why solving the game in the right order is important because if you don’t find guess them in the right order you can’t solve a word, so be careful to connect them correctly. Many players struggle that’s why some sites like Word Crush Answers solver exist, to help you with the levels you can’t solve. It’s fun to solve it yourself but hey, our brains get stuck every once in a while.

The less mistakes you make the more stars you earn which are used to unlock the next themes. According to the theme you will go to the beach, farm, kitchen, visit outer space provided you solve the levels in a professional way. It is a simple concept with an enjoyable gameplay.

5. Wordscapes

If you enjoy relaxing word games, then Wordscapes is definitely one to check out. The puzzle packs are themed with beautiful imagery from sunrises to forests to oceans. The game also has a pleasant soundtrack to enhance your experience. For a casual and challenging word game, Wordscapes is fantastic.

Wordscapes is a game developed by PeopleFun which combines the creation of new words with a crossword puzzle, so it’s a nice mix of both. You can just swipe to connect letters to create words that fit in the empty letter boxes in the crossword. Just please keep in mind that even though your answer can be a valid word, it might not be one of the possible answers that fit in the crossword. They must fit in the boxes and be of requested length.

If you have fun and enjoy relaxing word games than this game is definitely one that you must not miss. Wordscapes has been a popular game for many months and it continues to be on top. The themes of the game are very diverse mostly nature based with beautiful sceneries the soundtrack of the game is a nice addition to enhancing the game experience.

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