CodyCross Midsize Daily April 18, 2024

CodyCross Midsize Daily Puzzle Answers 18 April, 2024. The complete list of questions that appeared today on codycross midsize daily puzzle is solved and listed below. Above the answers list you can type the question for faster solving.

  • 1993 puzzle video game set on an island. MYST
  • Abbreviation for small spoon measure in baking. TSP
  • Actors Begley and Begley Jr.. EDS
  • Famous advice column of 20th century. DEAR ABBY
  • First word of Asian country that ends in Lanka. SRI
  • Frozen’s goofy animated snowman. OLAF
  • Line near bottom of address showing who it’s for. ATTN
  • Looted, caused extensive damage. RANSACKED
  • Makes a mistake. ERRS
  • Microsoft web browser released with Windows 10. EDGE
  • New craze or trend. FAD
  • On the __, running from the cops. LAM
  • Only a single time. ONCE
  • Point a weapon. AIM
  • Proximal item in a sequence. NEXT
  • Psychedelic rock band that sang Electric Feel. MGMT
  • Simba’s female companion. NALA
  • Similar to a body of water surrounded by land. LAKELIKE
  • Spanish word for “Germany”. ALEMANIA
  • Sphagnum moss contributes to its formation. PEAT
  • Taking one’s leave. ABSENTING
  • Those with exceptional intelligence or creativity. GENIUSES
  • To be full of or swarming with. TEEM
  • Type of milk with almost no fat. SKIM
  • Uncle’s wife. AUNT
  • Velvet Underground’s Lou __. REED
  • Wild goat with large, curved horns. IBEX

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